Servizi - Esperia Business Center
Highly specialized services supplied by professionals partnering with our organization

A law firm can assist you with legal issues in and out of court. All Esperia BC customers will be offered a free guidance session about the access to professional counsel. We can assist you with the application to regional, national and EU funding tenders, and with translation, even sworn and notarized. Or ask our partners for consultancy on privacy and anti-money laundering issues dedicated to professionals and real estate agencies.

Secretarial service

We can manage all secretarial needs, such as document management (digital and physical storage, transfer, electronic storage, printing and mailing), express and mail delivery, typing, creation of presentations, printing, binding, handling of administrative paperwork at institutions and agencies. We can also handle paperwork and procedures at Parma Court Registry, technical-legal consultancy on telematics services and on IT services for lawyers.

Appointments scheduling

pon request, we will set appointments on your behalf (which will be saved in real time to your Calendar), take note of orders, greet each caller with a customized message according to your instructions and route calls to members of your team based on the caller’s issue. The virtual secretarial service can serve as a filter, so you can prioritize issues to be handled by your staff.

Services for holidays, sick or maternity

During holidays, sick or maternity leave of your secretarial staff, the workload gets heavier. Our secretarial service can be activated in less than 10 minutes and seamlessly integrates into your company and business dynamics. Esperia BC offers you a solution for unexpected leaves, providing you with secretarial services under any circumstance.

Disaster recovery

Keep your business running even in case of floods, storms, earthquakes, disturbances or technical failures. Regardless of what’s happening to your company premises, we can provide you with a ready-to-use office, with an option to agree on specific telephone and IT requirements in advance. A convenient way for companies big and small and for professionals to comply with business continuity regulations and to minimize downtime and costs related to the stop of the business activities.

Communication and Design

You won’t have a second chance to make a good first impression. Don’t leave anything to chance in matters of graphics and texts when presenting your company. Design and contents which are well thought, coordinated and carried out are the business card of your company. We offer a professional and quick support for the creation of websites, logos, letterhead, business cards, flyers and brochures, and even for company advertising campaigns.